Sunday, May 12, 2013

Choosing happiness

"Wouldn’t it be easy if we were choosing between visiting teaching or robbing a bank? Instead, our choices are often more subtle. We must choose between many worthy options. . . . The one thing that is needful is to choose eternal life. We choose daily." Bonnie D. Parkin (Ensign, Nov 2003)
There are so many choices we need to make in life. Some choices are important, some are trivial. The important choices are choices between drawing closer to God or drifting farther away. The prophet Lehi teaches in The Book of Mormon that we must choose between eternal life and eternal death (see 2 Nephi 2:25, 28). We must also choose between happiness and unhappiness. Even though the distinction between the two choices is clear, we usually don't get one single defining moment where we sit down at a table with two cards on it and pick up the one labeled "HAPPINESS". We don't get it over with that quickly or that easily. Choosing happiness is something we have to do daily. It's in the small and simple choices that we find happiness or unhappiness. Like the choice to spend time helping a friend, or reading scriptures, or doing family history research, or going to church to learn more about God, or going on a walk and feeling grateful for the beautiful earth God gave us, or doing any of hundreds of small things that will make us happy. God wants us to be happy, but He lets us choose whether to accept happiness. We are free to choose. 

Choosing happiness and choosing God are one and the same thing. I know He loves us and that He will help us find happiness if we so choose. 
I am a happy person because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I know He lives, I know the gospel is true, and I know that growing
closer to God will make us happier than anything else in the world.