Saturday, May 4, 2013


I just reread an entry from the last portion of my mission. It was a difficult time for me and my companion because my comp was facing a serious challenge. As I was thinking about it and reflecting on difficult times I'd faced during my mission and life up to that point, I wrote the following. While transcribing it, I've made a few grammar/stylistic updates but I haven't changed the content of the excerpt I've chosen to share. This entry was written December 14, 2012.

I call these moments "spiritual detours." A detour is something we hadn't planned, but that the highway engineers put in place to lead us around dangerous places, and it often involves cool scenic routes that we'd otherwise never have seen. And they do get us where we need to go, just not by the route we'd planned to take. When we come across a detour sign on the highway, it's important to follow it. And God puts "detours" in our lives to help us learn or experience things we didn't plan on. Like my mission. And my new goal to be an author. Things I couldn't possibly have foreseen but which have been so much better for me than what I had in mind. 

I believe that God has a plan for each of His children. I know that He loves us and even when things don't work out right away the way we wanted them to, everything will still be more than okay in the end. We are here on earth to have joy, and we will if we do our best to stay close to God. I am thankful that I've kept a journal throughout my life. Looking back at the past and how well things have worked out so far, despite my worst fears, helps me be optimistic about the future. I know I can trust God to help me through whatever comes next, because I've seen Him do it so many times already. Normally, I wouldn't share part of my journal on the internet, but I've chosen to do so this time because I feel this is something all of us need to know. God is there. He has a plan. We can trust Him. And we can believe in good things to come.