Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The right music for the right occasion

As I was coming home from ward prayer this past Sunday, I was listening to my Vivaldi 4 Seasons CD (my favorite for Sundays and on the way to the temple) and I thought how nice music is when you're driving alone. Then I thought that it's really important to pick the right music for the right time. Like, it'd be really bad to have a nice, relaxing arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon in D when you're driving late at night. That's the time to listen to some good classic rock or some upbeat fiddle music. I usually don't like listening to anything with a really strong beat (Linkin' Park, for example) at any time, but it really gives me a headache when I'm trying to drive. I guess my philosophy on driving music is closely related to exercise music. It's gotta be something to keep you going, but it can't be anything too crazy. Then, for writing, you need something that can be good background music. Usually, that means I pick songs I know already and I keep the volume lower than for exercising or driving.

Here's some of the music on my playlist:
Fireflies (Owl City)
American Pie (Don McClean)
Lucky (Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait)
Only the Good Die Young (Billy Joel)
Leaving on a Jet Plane (Peter, Paul and Mary)
Be OK (Ingrid Michaelson)
Carry on, My Wayward Son (Kansas)
Some Nights (Fun)
Mr. Blue Sky (Electric Light Orchestra)
Ode to a Superhero (Weird Al)
Wavin' Flag (K'naan)
Still Alive (GlaDos)