Saturday, July 27, 2013

Two years later

The MTC Map
Exactly two years ago, I walked into the Provo Mission Training Center. That was the start of the hardest period of my life so far, not counting coming home, of course. Why did I go? I felt it was what God wanted me to do. And it was completely and totally worth it. I met some amazing people, I learned a lot more about how to serve others, and I had so many experiences that I can't condense into a single blog post. I thought I'd share part of the second email I sent home. It seems to express how much I didn't know yet, but how I did know that God wanted me there at that time:
Life is great and terrible here in the MTC, and sometimes both at once. But the times when the Spirit is so strong that I absolutely KNOW this is where I'm supposed to be make it worthwhile. Most of the time. But the food's good, the Spirit is strong, our district is pretty cool, and our teachers are awesome. I love the gospel so much, and I know it's true. Heavenly Father loves His children and He wants them to know that, so He calls missionaries to teach them. I know the gospel's true, and even when life gets hard, I know it's worth being here. (2 August 2011)
I am grateful I had the chance to serve God and a few of His children during my mission. I know now, even more than I did then, that it was the right thing for me to do. It was an opportunity to learn a great deal and grow closer to my Heavenly Father. I think I gained more than anyone else, really. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know that Jesus is our Savior. I know that He restored His true church through a modern day prophet, Joseph Smith. I know that He has called Thomas S. Monson to be the prophet today. I know that if we pray to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, we can receive answers to the questions we may have. These are some of the things I was privileged to teach on my mission, and I believe them with all my heart. That's why I went, and that's why I am the person I am today.

In my apartment in Parana, Entre RĂ­os, Argentina