Monday, August 19, 2013

Almost there

I'm almost done with my novel! This has been eight years in writing, and I'm closer than I've ever been to actually finishing. I've just got a few pages left to rewrite and edit, and then I will publish it via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. It will then be available for anyone who's interested in reading it. If you like fantasy, watch for it within the next few weeks.  I designed a possible cover today and that was fun.
The working title for now is Arden: Shirina. It's several years after the Empire invaded the country of Arden, and a group of spies is still fighting for freedom. In the midst of this struggle, Shirina, one of the spies, must rescue her captured cousin and help a young soldier escape service to the Empire. There are other stories yet-to-be-finished about the same country, including some of the same people, which will probably turn into more novels and perhaps a few short stories. I'll work on those in the future. For now, I'm going to finish this novel and then concentrate on my Masters program.

Hopefully I can finish the re-write by the end of this week, and publish by the end of next week. I want it done before school starts and I get swamped with studying. It's exciting to come to the end of one project and start on another. The Masters program, like writing this novel, will be hard but well worth it. My dad always says that if you want to do something that takes a long time, that you may as well do it, because time will pass either way. If you don't use the time for something you really want to do, you'll use it for something else. I've decided that writing is a worth-while use of my time.