Saturday, March 29, 2014

Advice on Writing and Publishing

So in case anyone's interested in writing and publishing, here are a few things that I've learned by going to writing conferences and talking to people. I recommend doing some internet searches and reading up on the subject. My advice is somewhat general and obviously I don't have a ton of experience in the publishing world. But I have been writing for years, and this is at least a place to start if you're interested in writing.

  • First off, DON'T publish simply for the sake of publishing. If you plan to keep writing and publishing, you're going to build a "brand" (your name), and you want that to be associated with polished, well-written products, not with something you threw together just to see it "in print" (or online, whichever). So keep writing and revising until your novel or story is polished. 
  • Having a writing group can help with the polishing. Find people who are willing to tell you honestly how their reading experience was. Be willing to accept advice and constructive criticism. Remember that they're not criticizing you. They're helping you to make your book or story the best it can be. 
  • If you're planning to self publish, think about hiring a copy editor and a cover artist. People can and do judge books by their covers. Know how you're going to market the book. It takes work and time. 
  • If you're planning to publish traditionally, think about hiring an agent. Some publishing companies still accept unsolicited manuscripts, but others only take things that have been accepted by an agent.  
  • Know your audience. Don't send a Sci-fi novel to a romance publisher. 
  • Search the internet for ideas and advice but take it with a grain of salt. Figure out what works for you and develop your own writing style. 
  • Read a lot. Figure out what successful authors do to craft their books. And read for fun, too.