Wednesday, March 26, 2014


No, I didn't eat it all by myself.
I split it with a friend.
Until last Saturday, I don't think I'd ever ridden anything that really qualifies as a rollercoaster. I've been to several water parks and ridden those kinds of rides, but my family never really bothered with amusement parks. We just did other things on our vacations.
Last week, I went to Orlando for International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. First, I've decided that I will NEVER take a redeye flight again. We flew out at 1 am from SLC. I crashed once I got to the hotel. Between the flight and the time zone change (hey, time travel!) my sleep schedule got thrown off. Still, it was a great trip and I enjoyed the conference. I got to meet a lot of awesome people and my reading of my paper went smoothly. The days leading up to the trip had been exceedingly stressful, for various reasons, including the paper I was gonna have to read in front of people who would then ask me questions and expect me to know what I was talking about! But it went well. I was so grateful when I'd finished reading my paper and I had a chance to enjoy other people's presentations instead. Then on Saturday we went to Disney Hollywood.

I enjoyed all the rides. My favorites were Star Tours (STAR WARS!!!!!) and the Rockin Rollercoaster (no idea if I spelled that right... Oh well). On both rides I was super excited. I think someone described my reaction to Star Tours as "squeals of joy". Seems accurate. I screamed all the way through the Rockin Rollercoaster. I was getting pretty nervous by the time we got through the line and onto the coaster, but it was far too late to change my mind, so I got strapped into my seat and held on for dear life. It was really fast and it spun us upside down and sideways and to my surprise, I loved it. It was AWESOME! (Cue the Lego Movie theme song)
Of course, shortly after we had lunch, I had to get myself to the airport and fly back to Utah. Back to school. Back to homework. In other words, away from fantasy-land and back to real life. Alas. I like school. I wouldn't have gotten myself into this program if I didn't. But it's work. And it's more like the waiting in line part of an amusement park than the fun rides part a lot of the time. Which is okay. We wouldn't appreciate the rides as much if that's all we ever did. (I dunno, though... it could be nice for a while!)
So I guess the point of this post is that I like rollercoasters. And life is like a rollercoaster. Or maybe it's like an amusement park. Or... who knows. But life is good. It goes on. And once you're strapped in, you have to stay and ride it out.
Source: The outside of the ride.