Monday, June 30, 2014

Adventures in Portugal: Food, glorious food! (part 1)

Who can name the musical where I got the title for this post? I'll be impressed :D

This is a kebab with french fries. I got it from the kebab restaurant around the block, and it was very tasty. It has mayo, ketchup and spicy sauce, and it is a mix of chicken and beef. It makes an excellent comfort food. Kebabs also come in pita wraps, which include lettuce and such, thus making it into a more well-rounded meal. They're easy to get to-go and they just taste SO good. Not Portuguese food, by the way. According to Wikipedia, they originated in the Middle East. I've also had them in Spain. I really missed them, actually, so when I found the "Ali Baba"restaurant, I was thrilled!

This is a Torrada (buttered toast... oh so delicious. Also two pasteis de Belem. You can find other similar pastries elsewhere but these are the best. The other ones are good, too, but they're just not the same. Also a cup of delicous hot chocolate. Good for dipping the toast into.

This is my own experiment. I didn't have any flour and I was tired of eating noodles without any real sauce so I used oatmeal, soy milk and chicken bouillon to improvise a white sauce. It turned out fairly well. In further experiments, I added more spices and that made it even better.

These are typical pastries from Sintra. The one on the far left is a queijado, which is a semi sweet cheesecake sort of custard. It involves egg, cinnamon, and sugar, like many pastries do. The two in the middle are travesseiros, pillowy pastries wrapped around themselves and filled with a sort of egg, cinnamon, and sugar sauce and dusted with sugar. On the right is another torrada. Delicous. And the fresh-squeezed orange juice is amazing.