Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Adventures in Portugal: lots of walking

I got to see some cool things so far this week. On Sunday, I went down by the river and saw some of the plazas and the river itself. I don't have pictures of that, but yesterday was a holiday and I took my camera when I went to visit some more places then. So here we go.
 This is a picture from the Miradouros (look-out point) Santa Luzia. It's by a church, also called Santa Luzia. From here you can see the river Tejo and a couple other churches. It's a nice view.
 They're doing some kind of construction right below the lookout point and the framework kind of looks like 3 crosses. So I took a picture of it.

This is me, by the church sign. I got new sunglasses because otherwise it's really not as pleasant to walk around.

 This is the Saint George Castle as seen from the next look-out point, O Miradouros da Graça. It's a cool castle. I haven't been there yet this trip, but I was there five years ago, and I plan to go soon.
Here's a view out over the city. Most of the buildings have red tile roofs. Very pretty.

 This is from today's trip to Belem. I went with my tutor to this part of Lisbon to see the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Monastery of the Jerónimos) and a few other things. First we stopped at a very famous old bakery (it's been there since 1837, I believe). They have very tasty things to eat. The Pasteis de Belem (Belem tarts) are very good, and they have a secret recipe that doesn't exist anywhere else. We ate those and enjoyed them greatly before going on to the Monastery.

This is the tomb of Luis Vaz de Camoes, a famous Portuguese author. The holiday yesterday was actually to celebrate him, so there are still lots of flowers here. Vasco de Gama is buried on the other side of this church.

 This is the cross that represents the religious order that financed a lot of the Portuguese voyages of discovery. It was often used on the sails of the ships.

 And here I am on the other side of the street from the monastery. There's a pretty nice park that is good for walking around in.

 And the park has a fountain! The water comes on and off and makes pretty patterns.

 This is the Torre de Belem. There used to be two, but there was an earthquake that destroyed the other one, and many other things in Lisbon. But this tower survived. I didn't go inside today, but I plan to go back another time.