Monday, June 30, 2014

Adventures in Portugal: Sintra!

Sintra is a beautiful city a train ride away from Lisbon. It's up in a more moutainy part of Portugal and it's very nice. Lots of flowers and trees and such. And castles! I went to two of them with my tutor on Friday. It was fun. It involved a lot of walking, which was great. We climbed castle walls and looked out over the impressive views. Sintra is on the Atlantic ocean. We didn't go down to the beach, but we could see all the way there from the top of the castle tower.

On the way up to Castelo dos Mouros (Moor's Castle), we found lots of good photo ops.

 and lots of really good views. The Castle is high on the mountain, an excellent spot for defense. Sadly, it's largely in ruins these days, but it still has a commanding view of the entire area.
The walls look like a dragon's back.

Again, an awesome view.

One of the look-out points.

Here you can see the Palacio da Pena. 

And another view of the Palacio.

And here we are at the actual palace. This is the older half, which used to be a convent.

Here's Ferdinand, the King Consort, who decided to turn the convent into a summer palace.

The royal dining room.

And the cafe where we enjoyed a delicious lunch. Mostly consisting of pastries and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Yum.