Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Adventures in Portugal: Food, Glorious Food! (part 2)

For my class, I have to do a cultural presentation. I chose to talk about food, specifically the sweet kind (lots of desserts!). Conveniently, I've been collecting more pictures of the pastries and sweets I've eaten, so I'll be able to use them. Here are some of them. 
This is doce de lima. Very tasty lime pudding thing. Creamy with cookies underneath. Kind of like a cheesecake in a bowl. I ate this after eating lots of fish in Setubal.
Tortas de... I can't quite remember what these were called. But they had a creamy cinnamon filling. I got these in Setubal and took them home with me.
 Alheira com ovo e batatas fritas. It's a heavier meal, with a fried sausage, a fried egg and fried potatoes. And rice. Tasty. Kind of tastes like a really good corndog.
 Sumo de laranja natural. SO good. Fresh squeezed orange juice, which they make as soon as you order it.
 Palmeira simples. They also come with a tasty looking frosting, but I haven't tried that yet.
 Croissant. Turns out they're a lot easier to eat with a fork and knife. Otherwise, it is pretty much impossible to eat without making a mess.
 Merenga. savory with ham and cheese and a croissant-like crust.
 Delicia and a fish sandwich.
 Torta de canela
 Pao de Mafra with cheese.
 Pao de queijo, pastel de frango and juiced sugar cane. The drink is better with a straw, because then you avoid the sugar cane fibers that naturally occur when they juice it right there.