Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Adventures in Brighton: Seagull!

Normally, I think of seagulls in a positive light. They are rather nice, from a distance, and they are funny creatures, at least in Finding Nemo. However, I am now personally acquainted with a seagull that, just like the ones in Finding Nemo, believes everything it sees and wants belongs to it. 
The seagull is watching you.
All your snacks are belong to seagull.
We'd just enjoyed a lovely meal on the grass by Brighton Pavilion, which is a beautiful building. For dessert, we decided to get some ice cream, which turned out to be absolutely delicious, and we walked down to Brighton Pier as we ate. We saw the enormous flock of enormous seagulls (much bigger than the one's I'm used to seeing in Provo), and we laughed at the idea of them stealing food from people's hands. Well, it wasn't just a funny idea. We'd walked about halfway along the pier when all of a sudden I felt something on my head. Then I looked down and saw that something had taken a bite out of my ice cream. A beakful of my ice cream, to be precise, because the next instant I looked up to see a great white bird hovering over my head, wanting more. We waved it away and kept walking, and it kept following us. Unlike the dogs that followed me around in Argentina, it didn't even blink when I yelled at it. Finally, we retreated to the shelter of the roof in the middle of the pier. I still had a great deal of rather expensive and extremely tasty ice cream left, so I considered what to do. Throwing it out really wasn't an attractive option, so I used my napkin to get rid of the bit the seagull had touched. Then I finished eating it. It was totally worth it.