Sunday, August 9, 2015

Adventures in Moving: Part Two

Last week I felt lots of uncertainty and plenty of anxiety. I'm planning on writing a separate post to talk more specifically about what that's like. In this post I'll simply tell why we're still in a hotel and not an apartment.
We got to our apartment on Friday, July 31st, signed the papers, and went over to start moving in. We walked in the door to find a completely different floor plan than we thought we were getting. It was only 30 feet smaller, but the layout was much less convenient. In addition, it wasn't at all ready to live in. We found several issues that evening and the next day. The fan in the laundry room/powder room came on with the lights and sounded like an airplane taking off. The floor in that room leaked water when you pushed on it. The paint job was terrible, including leftover tape and paper and paint on the new kitchen floor and appliances. There was a smell of gas in the upstairs bathroom (probably from the water heater), The kitchen counters had been painted, not very well, and there was paint in the sink. The cabinets were still tacky, like they hadn't been cleaned before painting, and there were gnats stuck to the cabinets above the stove. Lots of them. There was an e-cigarette, a poptart, a package of splenda, and old, dirty contact paper in the cabinets. All of the windowsills were covered in dust, flies and construction debris. The carpets were filled with debris as well, as I discovered when I tried to vacuum. There were cracks in the windows and not all of them closed properly. There may have been other problems, but those were the main ones. We moved everything in Saturday morning, before we discovered ALL the problems, and then we sat down and made the decision that we really needed somewhere else to live. We couldn't contact anyone from the office, since it was closed, and the cell phone number they'd given us remained unanswered. We decided that even though it might mean breaking the lease, we weren't going to stay. We repacked the truck and went to another hotel on Saturday night, then to church on Sunday, where we met some great people and hoped and prayed that we'd be able to stay in the ward, and that we'd be able to get out of the lease without breaking it.
On Sunday afternoon, I napped while Jacob and his parents drove around to look at other potential apartments, then we went out again that evening. We found several possibilities.
On Monday morning, we went to the apartment offices and spoke to the manager, who had no idea we'd been promised a refurbished unit. I still don't think that apartment was fit to live in, and we warned her about the gas and mildew smells. She gave us our lease and our check back, and that's the reason I'm not naming the apartment complex here. I would have if we'd had any difficulties. She explained that they were refurbishing many of the apartments, but that they wouldn't be ready until later this month. We decided to carry on with our apartment hunt, which we did while Jacob's dad unloaded the truck yet again into a storage unit.
We looked at several places but felt happiest with Steeplechase Apartments, which met all of our requirements and was still in the ward, besides having really good rates. So we filled out the paperwork to reserve the apartment, and we'll be moving in on Wednesday, with some help from people at Church. We've spent the rest of this week setting up insurance, looking for pets, and learning our way around. I think we're going to be very happy here.