Saturday, June 17, 2017

About Dad

Tell me about your father (his name, birth date, birthplace, parents, and so on). Share some memories you have of your father.

My dad is Charles H. Lemon. He was born in Bermuda, on Davis Air Force Base. His parents' names are Boyd Reed Lemon and Ola Tess Lemon. Boyd was in the Air Force, which is what took them to Bermuda, Nebraska, the Philippines, and many other places during my dad's growing up years.

As I look back, the characteristic that stands out about my dad is his generosity. He and Mom took me and my brother with them when they took gifts of food and other things to friends and neighbors at Christmastime. I remember shopping with my dad while he picked out things to put in the gift baskets and realizing that my dad really cared about helping others. This is also obvious in his choice of profession as an emergency physician. Dad would work all hours of day or night.

When Alexander and I were little, Dad would choose to work night shifts so he could be home during the day. He would also make time to come to our music recitals and he would carry my violin and Alexander's cello. Now he works teaching a medical Spanish course at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. No matter what he does, Dad puts lots of time and energy into it. He doesn't do anything halfway.

When I was a kid, we'd watch the Home and Garden channel together and he taught me how to do some of the projects we saw. We made lamps out of stacks of books from the thrift store that we painted to look like leather and a seat out of old doors. The hardware store reminds me of him.

He was also the only one who would watch Singin' in the Rain with me for the umpteenth time after it was the only thing I wanted to watch one summer. He's always been supportive of my interests, even if he doesn't share them.

Happy Father's day!