Things I'm grateful for

Art. Annie the Dog.
Books. Babies.
Cats. Comics. Change. Cooking. Creativity.
Dad. Doctors. Dragons.
Energy. Email. Education. Eleven the Cat.
Family. Friends. Fun. Food.
Goodness. Gospel.
Happiness. Hope. Heroes. Health. History. Humor.
Internet. Interests. Imagination. Intelligence.
Jacob, my husband. Jobs.
Kittens. Kids.
Life. Lessons. Love. Laughter.
Mom. Mentors. Music. Monsters. Museums. Movies.
Notes. Naps.
Options. Opportunities.
Piano. Possibilities. People.
Quiet. Questions.
Responsibility. Rest.
Sunshine. Sky. Stories. Stella.
Technology. Thesis. Time. Tesla the Cat.
Violin. Video games.
Writing. Words. Worldbuilding.
X. The unknown. (I'm not really sure I'm really grateful for anything that actually starts with X...)